The National Bank Allure Mastercard is a prominent credit card offering from National Bank of Canada, one of the country’s largest and most reputable financial institutions. This credit card is designed to cater to a wide range of consumer needs and preferences, providing a diverse array of benefits, rewards, and features that make it an attractive choice for Canadian cardholders.


Mastercard Benefits from National Bank of Canada:


VIP Experiences and Special Offers: Access to Mastercard Priceless Cities for room upgrades, exclusive menus, unique tours, etc.
Mastercard Travel Rewards: Receive cashback at select merchants when traveling outside of Canada.
Mastercard Travel Pass: Access to over 1,300 airport lounges worldwide at a rate of $32 US/person.
Contactless Payments: Use Tap & Go for quick payments.
One-click Payment: Use Mastercard Click to Pay for online purchases with a single click.
Mobile Payments: Use Apple Pay or Google Pay for in-store, in-app, and online purchases.
Automated Payments: Set up automated monthly credit card payments.
Purchase Protection: Protection against damage, loss, or theft of most purchases.
Extended Warranty: Double or triple the manufacturer’s warranty for most items.
Safe Online Purchases: ID Check protects against fraud for online purchases.
Fraud Protection: Benefit from Mastercard’s Zero Liability policy.

Additional Notes:

  • The card is unique in that it allows you to earn cashback while also supporting a charitable cause, the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation.
  • The card offers a range of benefits from cashback and discounts to security features and extended warranties.

Eligibility Criteria for the National Bank Allure Mastercard

To be eligible for this exceptional card:

  • You must be of the age of majority in your province or territory.
  • You need to be a Canadian resident.
  • Ensure you have a sufficient monthly income to qualify.

A credit score of 670 or higher is necessary to fully benefit from this card. Before applying, ensure your credit score meets this criterion.


Quick Overview of Costs and Fees


Here’s a summary of the costs and fees associated with the Allure Mastercard:

Feature Details
Annual fee $0
Additional card fee $0
Interest rate on purchases 20.99%
Cash advance interest rate 22.49%
Balance transfer interest rate 22.49%
Foreign Transaction Fee 2.5%
Minimum credit limit $500

Note: You have a grace time (interest free) of 21 days after the end of each billing cycle in which you can return any purchases that were made during that billing period. The grace period will come to an end on the date that is listed as the due date on each statement. If you make full payment on your purchases on the due date, you will not be responsible for any interest charges.


If you do not pay off your entire debt by the due date, you will be subject to interest charges on the transactions that were made. These charges will appear on your subsequent statement. Beginning on the date that the charges for the purchases were posted to the account and continuing on until the entire balance is paid off, interest will be accrued. When it comes to cash advances, there is no grace period. The day the cash advance is made is the first day that interest is charged on it.

Minimum Payment

If you live in the Canadian province of Quebec, the minimum payment that is required of you is equal to five percent of the total sum in your account. If you live in a province other than Quebec or a territory, the minimum contribution that is required of you is equivalent to 2.5% of the total balance in your account.
There are certain special circumstances attached to the required minimum payment:

  • The amount of the minimum payment is increased by the amount of any late payments.
  • If the calculation for the minimum payment comes out to be less than ten dollars, then the minimum payment will be ten dollars.
  • If the total balance of your account is less than $10, the total balance serves as the minimum payment. This applies even if the total balance is greater than $10.

Applying for the National Bank Allure Mastercard

Getting your Allure Mastercard is a straightforward process:

Existing National Bank Customers:

  1. Visit the dedicated credit card page: National Bank Credit Cards.
  2. Choose the card that suits your needs and click “Apply now.”
  3. Log in to your online banking account and follow the on-screen instructions.

New to National Bank:

  1. Visit the dedicated credit card page: National Bank Credit Cards.
  2. Select your desired card and click “Apply now.”
  3. Complete the required information and follow the on-screen steps for identity verification.

Documents and information that are required

Your name, your housing situation, and your contact details are required.
Your date of birth and social insurance number are required.
Your telephone number and e-mail address are required.


To ensure proper identification, you may be asked to provide various forms of identification. Rest assured, this verification process is secure, and your information will remain confidential. In certain circumstances, a branch visit may be required.

Our Verdict

The National Bank Allure Mastercard seamlessly combines charitable contributions with competitive cash-back incentives. By using this card, you not only support the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation but also earn cashback on your purchases. With no annual fee and additional card costs (making it cost-effective for those who pay off their balance each month.), you enjoy purchase protection and an extended warranty, all while making a positive impact on countless lives.

The card’s generous offerings, including a 10% discount on select gift cards, set it apart from the competition. Whether you’re shopping for health and beauty services or fashion, this card provides added value with every purchase. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to give back while enhancing your financial well-being.


Q: Is there an Initial limit for this card?

A: Low threshold for the minimum credit limit. If you want to steer clear of running over your spending limits every month, consider getting a credit limit that is as low as $500.

Q: What are the fees for this card?

A: The card has no annual fee for the main card. The annual fee for additional cards is also $0.

Q: Is there a minimum income threshold?

A: There are no minimum income restrictions. This card does not impose any minimum income requirements on its applicants, therefore anyone can apply for it.


Contact National Bank

For any inquiries regarding your Mastercard, you can reach out to National Bank through various channels: